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10 Healthiest Foods that increase sperm motility very fast

Ten Healthy Foods that increase your sperm very fast
Foods That Increase sperm motility
Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count
Foods That Increase Your Sperm

1. Garlic: So long as its powerful scent doesn’t dissuade you or your partner from doing the baby making deed, garlic is an excellent choice for encouraging sperms production. Garlic has been used as a natural medicine for many centuries. It is a common ingredient that used as a flavor for food around the world. The garlic is rich in nutrient and has low calories. It can fight against many diseases and conditions that are why it is the top healthy food.

2. Ginseng. Forget chocolate or champagne to get you in the mood, Panax (Korean) ginseng is the well-known natural aphrodisiac, but it also works wonder for those needing a conception boost. This male tonic is used to relax muscles, boost testosterone levels, improve blood flow to the genital region, and enhance sexual desire and performance. Evidence suggests that this herb is also called on to treat erectile dysfunction.

3. Walnuts. Bursting with essential omega-3 fatty acid and antioxidants, the humble walnut acid semen motility and viability by improving blood flow to the sexual organs. Date back to 10000 B.C the walnuts are the oldest known tree food in the world. It mainly cultivates in U.S, France, Romania and China. Walnut is a great healthy food and has numerous medicinal properties.

4. Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate’s high antioxidant content actually rivals that of the aecia berry, blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate, with the dark seduction trumping these super fruits in both polyphones and flavones levels. The moderate consumption of dark chocolate has numerous health benefits. The quality chocolate contains many nutrients including Iron, Magnesium, Fiber and Copper. But you should make sure that you only consume the chocolate in moderation. Because chocolate is rich in calories and over consumption leads to weight gain.

5. Oysters: Oysters have been considered an aphrodisiac since incident Roman times. Rumor is Giacomo Casanova, the legendary Italian lover, consumed 50 oysters every day because he considered that it is the healthy food, while there is little research to support oysters boosting sex drive, there is a link with sexual function. Oysters contain the high level of zinc, which is essential for sperm production and the creation of testosterone.

6.  Banana: Bananas contain bromelain which is an enzyme that controls sex hormones. Bananas also contain Vitamin A, B1, and C. These vitamins promote sperm production and also enable the body in improving its stamina.  The fresh bananas available year around and you should add it to your daily diet. Because bananas can relieve morning sickness, reduce tension, cure diabetes and improve heart health.

7. Pomegranate: Pomegranates are rich in antioxidant that reduces malondialdehyde (MDA) which is responsible for damaging the sperms. Consuming pomegranate on a regular basis can help the body in killing free radicals and also in improving the potential of the sperms.

8. Spinach: Spinach is rich in folic acid that raises sperms count. Folic acid is also responsible for strengthening the sperms as well as increasing their motility.  The spinach is a high nutrient edible flowering plant that has many health benefits. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, C, K, B2, iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The consumption of spinach is great for your skin, bone health, and the hair.

9. Beef: Beef contain zinc which protects the sperms from the influence of free radicals. Zinc also prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Thus it also promotes libido.

10. Eggs: Eggs help in promoting fertility and raising the sperm count. Eggs contain vitamin E which prevents tissue degeneration of the testicles. Eggs are also rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect the cells.
All of these ten (10) healthy foods are very helpful for improving sperm motility and man’s power.
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